Business Analysis

Understanding your challenges + targeting the right improvements for your organization

Competing in our instant, connected world requires efficient, well-designed, rationalized processes. Poorly designed or duplicative business practices result in lost productivity, excess costs, frustrated employees, and wasted value. To survive this fast-paced economy, you must act to fix broken processes, improve performance, create a culture of excellence, and operate as an agile, sustainable organization. Bravium leverages our requirements management and process improvement experience to help clients meet today’s challenges and thrive in a rapidly-evolving world.

Gathering and managing requirements is an important challenge in any project, and projects can succeed or fail on the quality of requirements at any time throughout the project lifecycle. Effective management of the continuously evolving baseline of requirements is critical to success. Our requirements management process includes breaking down business objectives to core imperatives, eliciting and documenting requirements, analyzing the details, and prioritizing and validating requirements.

Our process improvement methodology begins with a deep-dive analysis to uncover pain points. We then document the root-cause issues and collaborate with customers to define our process recommendations. After achieving client buy-in, we make sure that the process changes are deployed at the right place and time to affect change without disrupting critical-to-business functions, or overwhelming stakeholders with radical modifications.

Process improvement is often a cyclical approach, as we work with our clients to continually move the organization toward an optimal end state. Our objective is to produce rapid results – small but meaningful change – while building a path for long-term, significant, and sustainable transformation.

Key outcomes from our process improvement approach include:

  • Definition of the Business Process Problem
  • Process Innovations
  • Implementation Plan
  • Implementation Support


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