Best Practice Engine©

Maximizing the value of the ServiceNow platform requires it be implemented correctly and optimized for your environment. Bravium’s Best Practice Engine © (BPE) has you covered.

BPE is the only real-time, automated code inspection application for the ServiceNow platform. Improving your installation by identifying existing best practice violations in ServiceNow instances, while continuously monitoring for new violations in real-time, are just two of the advantages BPE offers.

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BPE is ServiceNow certified, and is available in the ServiceNow app store. With BPE, you will be able to:

  • Enhance platform performance, security, and user experience
  • Improve maintainability and upgrades
  • Problem Management
  • Upgrade application deployment quality
  • Automate developer feedback and training through real-time, best practice rule evaluations
  • Diminish need for manual code reviews, which are prone to human error
  • Calculate technical debt and estimate resolution time
  • Empower proactive code quality monitoring and detection versus reactive corrections
  • Reduce development and maintenance costs

For more information about how Bravium’s BPE application can optimize your ServiceNow platform, download our whitepaper.

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